3D Printing Helps to Modernize Nato Jets


3D printing company Zortrax will be partnering with a Polish aircraft company to modernize performance maintenance on military and civil aircraft.

Aerospace company Wojskowe Zaklady Lotnicze Nr 2 S.A. of Bydgoszcz, Poland will be using printers to upgrade Soviet-type Su-22 and MiG-29 fighter jets owned by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland, as well as other aircraft. The repairs will bring the jets in line with NATO standards.

WZL Nr 2 S.A. is one of the largest aviation companies in Poland, specializing in over-hauling and modernizing Su-22 and MiG-29 aircraft which, due to the accession of Poland to the North-Atlantic Treaty, require upgrading in order to comply with NATO.

New components will be fitted to the fighter jets, enduring the compatibility of aircraft delivered by different manufacturers cooperating with NATO. In the case of the Su-22 and MiG-29 specifically, devices must be verified as to whether they are in keeping with the existing geometry of the aircraft before they can go to serial production.

3D printing will be particularly suitable for the task of preparing mock-ups that can undergo verification, allowing for the detection of unergonomic elements which could otherwise remain undetected if regular 2D documentation was utilized.

The prototypes will be printed on the Zortrax M200 printer, which is applied primarily in the aviation and automotive industries.

Zortrax is gearing up to release a new 3D printer, the Inventure, which uses a dedicated Z-Ultrat Plus material, will print prototypes of higher quality and precision than previously available 3D printers.



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