3D Printing's Impact on Manufacturing


Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, an indirect subsidiary of Stratasys officials released 3D Printing's Imminent Impact on Manufacturing, an in-depth industry report highlighting current and impending trends in 3D printing which is based on an independent survey of more than 700 designers, engineers and executives, 40% of whom are employed by companies with over $50 million in revenue. Moreover, respondents work for companies that are committed to using 3D printing, making this report focused on insights from professional users.

The report indicates what applications, business benefits and challenges, equipment, materials and services are capturing the attention of 3D printing's most committed users, and where their companies will invest. Here are some of the most fascinating results from this report:

The majority of respondents, representing the aerospace, automotive, consumer and medical sectors, strongly believe more and more end-use parts will be designed specifically for additive manufacturing.

Additive metal use is expected to grow very rapidly.

The majority of respondents believe that regardless of their company's in-house 3D printing capabilities, there will always be value in partnering with an 3D printing service provider to augment internal capabilities.



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