Wohlers Report 2016 Published


Wohlers Associates Inc. has recently published their 2016 edition of the Wohlers Report 2016. Wohlers Report is the most recognized and comprehensive report on the state of the 3D printing or additive manufacturing industry world wide. The annual state-of-the-industry report is highly anticipated by industry insiders and knowledgeable observers because its analysis is based on more than 20 years of data from companies in the 3D printing or additive manufacturing industry. The findings, which are based on information from many industrial system manufacturers, 3D printing service providers, 3D printing material such as 3D printer filament manufacturers and producers, various desktop 3D printer manufacturers, and 3D printing experts from a lot of countries worldwide, has revealed that, for the second year in a row, the 3D printing industry has grown by about $1 billion to a total of over $5 billion.

That $5 billion represents a total growth rate (CAGR) of 25.9% in 2015, which is slightly lower than the 33.8% CAGR of the past three years, yet still very promising. Wohlers Report also indicated that over the past 27 years, the CAGR for the industry is 26.2%, demonstrating impressive consistency. In 2014, the 3D printing industry grew 34.9%, which is the highest growth rate in 17 years.

According to Wohlers Report 2016, despite some challenges within the 3D printing industry, growth was particularly apparent in two distinct and seemingly opposite sectors: industrial metal 3D printing or additive manufacturing and desktop 3D printers. In 2015, 62 manufacturers sold industrial-grade additive manufacturing systems that valued at more than $5000, compared to 49 in 2014, and twice as many as the 31 companies that sold industrial systems in 2011. Market leaders in metal 3D printing include 3D Systems, EOS, Concept Laser, Optomec and more, however in the past year, there have been also quite a few promising new entrants in this segment, including Israeli startup XJet and Toshiba. On the desktop 3D printer side, Wohlers Report 2016 also revealed strong growth. Whereas in 2014, roughly 160000 desktop 3D printers were sold, in 2015 that number is more than 278000. This increase in desktop consumer 3D printer sales is mostly due to companies such as Stratasys, XYZPrinting, Ultimaker and many others including 3D printing material and 3D printer filament manufacturers striving to make desktop consumer 3D printing as affordable and accessible as possible. This trend was also revealed in another CONTEXT report, which indicated that 85% of the about half million 3D printers shipped belong to the desktop consumer 3D printer category.

While there are many factors influencing the 3D printing or additive manufacturing industry, based on the most recent data from Wohlers Report 2016, it seems quite clear that metal 3D printing and desktop 3D printing are the two areas to keep a close eye on.

The complete Wohlers Report 2016 PDF document with detailed charts, graphs, tables, photographs and illustrations is available for purchase at Wohlers Associates Inc's website. Wohlers Associates is an independent consulting firm recognized as the leader and authority on 3D printing or additive manufacturing worldwide.



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